This list is designed to provide a forum for UGA staff to post issues relevant to members of the University community.  The list is open for subscription to all UGA staff members whether temporary, permanent, full-time, or part-time. Anyone outside of this classification who wishes to subscribe must request permission to be subscribed based on UGA business need. This list is unmoderated, meaning it operates according to the will of its subscribers. This is a great medium with which to solicit the advice of your peers, benefit from their experience as well as share your own experiences, and to participate in an ongoing conversation.

By your use of the UGASTAFF list, you agree that you have read and will follow the rules and policies set for the list. Failure to comply with UGASTAFF list rules and policies shown below will result in an initial two month suspension from the list. A second violation within a twelve month timespan will cause loss of subscription privileges for one year. Any offenses after the second violation defined above automatically result in permanent loss of subscription to the list. There is no recourse for being unsubscribed short of petition to UGA Staff Council which must be voted upon at the next regularly scheduled meeting and approved by more than half of the quorum of voters.
UGASTAFF is limited to 50 messages per day. When the daily limit is reached, all messages will be held until the list is released by the list administrator. In addition, only three posts per person per day are allowed. The default purposely has been set for replies to go to the original poster instead of the whole list.  Please do not “reply all” unless it is truly relevant to all subscribers.

If you are unsure whether a post you wish to make is appropriate, please contact a list administrator at and ask before posting.

Instructions for leaving the list or suspending it while you are on vacation are at

UGA’s computer use policies at are in full effect on this list and any violation of these policies represents a violation to the rules and policies of the list.

List Rules and Policies

  • Please be considerate of the inboxes of others, and use time and bandwidth responsibly.  This is not the place to blog. Be sure your Subject line clearly and concisely states the actual topic you are addressing. This allows members to respond more accurately to your posting and makes it easier for other subscribers to search the list archives by subject.
  • This is an open list based on democratic principles.  Opinions expressed are those of the individual poster and should be esteemed as such.  Respect each other and you will be treated with respect. Please make sure that each message you post lists your full name. Anonymous posters will be unsubscribed.
  • Personal attacks including name calling or disparaging remarks based upon another list subscriber are unacceptable and WILL lead to loss of subscription privileges on the first offense. I’ll quote from Wikipedia, “Comment on CONTENT, not on the CONTRIBUTOR. Personal attacks do not help make a point; they only hurt the … community.”
  • While it is acceptable to post information respectfully countering another’s opinion, it is inappropriate to get into an extended debate on the list.  Extended discussions should be offline between interested parties.
  • This is a listserv, not an online forum. Once you hit send, your message is delivered into the individual email inboxes of every subscriber on the list. There is no way for listserv admins or anyone else to delete a posting after the fact. The burden is on each person posting to be sensitive to the contents of their messages.
  • Do remember that information posted on the lists is available for all to see. Posts are subject to applicable law, including defamation, libel, and slander laws. There is a substantial difference between disagreeing with how a job/service is done and accusing persons, vendors, etc. of fraud or incompetence.  Negative statements that impugn someone’s professional qualifications can cause economic and emotional harm. Keep criticism on an objective basis that is factually verifiable and skip commentary about character, competence or motive to minimize legal risk.
  • Shared leave requests are not allowed.  See UGA’s shared leave policy at
  • While political topics may be posted, by state law it is forbidden to campaign for a political candidate. Please remember that personal politics differ widely and that such discussions can quickly get heated. Tread lightly here.
  • Business advertising is not allowed.  (Please read about recommendations below.)
  • Items for sale or rent or inquiries about buying or renting items are not allowed on UGASTAFF. This includes asking for recommendations in such a detailed manner that the poster obviously has an item they are trying to sell or rent or wants to rent or buy a specific item from another.  Exceptions are made for sales of goods or services by University of Georgia departments or items which benefit charitable or community organizations, which are allowed as a community service.  Alternative venues for items to sell, rent, or buy are on Yahoo and FaceBook:  and .
  • Posting of tickets to UGA Sporting events is not allowed; instead, employees should use the UGA-Tickets listserv. Guidelines and subscription requests are at .
  • It is permissible to post requests for recommendations about goods and/or services, and it is permissible for the original poster to submit a compilation of the results of such requests as long as the results are clearly opinions and not overt advertising.  If someone posts a request for recommendations, DO NOT forward their e-mail or contact information to vendors or providers without the poster’s permission. If you do this and it is discovered that you did this the penalty is a six month suspension from the list.
  • Announcements of UGA events are allowed and encouraged.