Guidelines for the UGA-Tickets listserv are shown below.

This page was last updated on December 7, 2015

Failure to comply with guidelines for these lists will be followed by a warning from the list administrator. Subsequent violation will cause loss of subscription privileges for a minimum of six months (if during the fall, you will be banned for the remainder of the football season); repeated offenses will result in permanent loss of privileges.

Because the listserver is a university computer, rules applying to computer usage at UGA apply to subscribers to the list whether or not they use a UGA computer to access it. Complete computer security and ethics guidelines are available on EITS’s Office of Information Security website.


Only tickets purchased for your personal use may be posted for sale. NO BROKERS. You are allowed to sell groups of up to 6 tickets if you have seats together for a family or a group of friends, etc.

The list cannot be used for private money-making enterprises, such as scalping or brokering tickets. This list is provided as a free service to UGA faculty, staff, and students, and has a controlled subscription base. As such, this list should not generate spam in your mailbox like some free groups or listservs do. This is the benefit of using the University listserver over using Yahoo!Groups or other free services.

Please take note of the following:

For the fair enjoyment of this list by all parties, we have some ground rules. No scalpers, brokers or scammers allowed. Trading (as opposed to sale) of tickets is encouraged. This list is mainly for the purpose of exchanging UGA sporting event tickets, but sales of concert tickets, etc. are also permitted (same “face value” rules apply).

1. You MUST post the price of your ticket. DO NOT POST “best offer” or “OBO”

2. Per State, UGA and Board of Regents computer use regulations, Athletic Association policies, and general courtesy to your fellow man, you must post tickets for NO MORE than face value:

As of the 2015 season, faculty/staff tickets are $22.50 each (based on a price of $157.50 per season ticket to 7 home games), and ?general? tickets to home games are $45 each. Club-level and suite tickets will have a higher face value.


The FIRST violation of this can get you banned from the list for the season, so be sure you’re paying attention. To avoid being removed, if you post and then realize you didn’t include the price, re-post your message IMMEDIATELY with the price listed.

If you are looking to make a profit off football tickets, please take it to eBay or Craigslist. This free service is not the appropriate forum for selling any tickets above face value.

3. Effective as of the 2009 season, student football tickets are loaded onto student ID cards. There is no mechanism for buying *student* tickets other than through the Athletic ticket office. For more information about student tickets, please check out the Athletic Association website.

4. For further information on faculty/staff tickets, visit the Athletic Association tickets website.

5. If you write to me 2 or more times to be removed from the list because you can’t figure out how to unsubscribe correctly, I will leave you on the list just for the fun of it. Especially if you insist I unsubscribe you RIGHT NOW because you “really need to get off the list.” YOU signed up for the list, so YOU are responsible for signing off!

I cannot stress enough that tickets advertised on this list CANNOT BE ADVERTISED at above face value. Please be aware that staff and other members of the Athletic Association are subscribed to this list.



If you register a listserv password at, you can use it to manage all your lists at one time by clicking on the “Browse, Subscribe, Post, Search. . .” link. You can subscribe by typing the list name into the “List Name” text box via the “Browse, Subscribe, Post, Search” option, and clicking “Join or leave the list.” You can also change your settings (i.e., digest, nomail) or check the list archives on this page.


Insert the name of the specific list where the instructions say [listname]. Please note the difference between sending e-mail commands to the listserver ( and posting e-mail messages to a list ([listname] The listserver does not read the subject line. E-mails to a list should always have an accurate subject line because your message goes to all subscribers.


Send an e-mail message to In the body of the message, type
sub UGA-TICKETS YourFirstName YourLastName
Example: sub uga-tickets John Doe
Delete or disable your signature before sending.

You will receive an e-mail to make sure you really want to subscribe – make sure you follow the directions there. After I have added you, you will receive a confirmation notice which you should keep for future reference.

UGA-Tickets requires that new subscribers be approved before they can be added to the listserv, so please be patient. Please send your request only once and give me the chance to add you, particularly if it is a weekend day. This process is for your own protection, to prevent spam and unwanted characters from joining the list.

The listserver is a simple machine, just like all computers – it only understands specific commands. SUB (recognized) is not the same as SUBSCRIBE or ADD or SIGNUP. When in doubt, copy and paste commands and e-mail addresses from this page.


Send email to In the body of the message, type signoff UGA-TICKETS
Example: signoff uga-tickets
Delete or disable your signature before sending.


Send to the list address (

Please note that you can only send mail to the list from the e-mail address under which you are subscribed. Remember, e-mails to a list should always have an accurate subject line because your message goes to all subscribers.

A post should be sent to the list only one time unless you have reduced the price on a subsequent posting. If you are unsure whether a post you wish to make is appropriate, please contact a list administrator at and ask before posting.

Subject lines should be as accurate as possible, but brief. UGA-tickets is not a discussion list; posts should be limited to tickets for sale or searches for tickets. If you are seeking tickets, please put “Want to buy” or “WTB” in the subject line with WHAT you would like to buy.

The simpler the message the better. Be sure to include the event name, date, ticket section, row, seat number(s) and any other pertinent information. A suggested listing is:

[in the subject line] 2 VANDY-UGA TIX SEC A, ROW AA

[in the text of the message] 2 student tickets to the Vanderbilt-UGA football game on Saturday, November 3, 2005. Section A, Row AA, Seat numbers 1 and 2. The game will be held in Athens. Asking face value, $45 each. E-mail or call 555-1212 if interested.


If you are having problems subscribing or unsubscribing, or if you wish to ask a question, send an e-mail to



The default format is the “nodigest” setting, which means individual messages are sent to you as they are posted to the list. If you would prefer to get all individual messages at one time, you can change your format to “digest.”


Digest format is not recommended for this list because of how quickly tickets tend to sell. This setting enables you to receive all the individual postings for the day in one e-mail message the next morning. This can be very useful for minimizing your e-mail messages when you go on vacation. To change your setting, send an e-mail to In the body of the message type: set UGA-Tickets digest
Example: set uga-tickets digest
(To change back to the regular setting, send an e-mail to with this in the body: set UGA-Tickets nodigest.)

If you experience any serious problems subscribing, send an email message to suesmith (at) uga (dot) edu.

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